Cowmakers are capable of weaning in excess of 60% of their body weight.

How the Breeding Program Works

Take the next step … The PowerBull

While Cowmaker traits alone will advance your least-cost, maintenance free goals, our PowerBulls bring all things measurable with big growth and profitable carcass numbers.  Also pure Angus, his lineage is at the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the Cowmaker, creating the perfect cross-breed in a calf.


The PowerBull’s sole purpose is to express the greatest return possible from the commercial Cowmaker. His emphasis is on $B Index, an innate ability to add numbers, muscle, and significant grass and feedlot gains. The commercial cowman can expect significant returns from his least-cost asset (the cow) and his most valuable resource (grass).


What you can expect from a Thistledew PowerBull:

  • A 6 frame or higher
  • Raised with an emphasis on growth and carcass
  • A perfect cross with our Cowmaker line, providing a calf with the best genes possible
  • Will be able to perform with no worries of inbreeding since we use and raise replacement heifers
  • Are uniform. These Powerbulls are available in groups of full brothers, allowing cattlemen to take advantage of the highest levels of uniformity possible in a commercial cowherd
  • Have calves that are efficient grass converters and flourish explosively in the feedlot
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“The powerbull allows one to leverage his least cost asset CowMaker”