How the Breeding Program Works

The first step … Establish a Cowmaker Female Base

In life a person can choose to be pretty good at a lot of things, or exceptional at one thing. The same thing applies to your cattle. A lot of breeding programs today try to balance traits, and one can end up with a cow that’s okay maternally, with average birth weight, typical weaning weight, ordinary yearling weight, and run-of-the-mill carcass EPDs.

The core of our program is the Cowmaker female. Her advantage is that she is the least-cost, least-maintenance, most focused mother cow you will ever own. Our breeding program takes control of her assets. When the Cowmaker is bred to our PowerBull (whose complete focus is on growth traits), the cowman gets a calf that is bred to bring out its genetic best.


Our Cowmaker is…

  • Is a moderate mature sire
  • Has outstanding teat and udder quality
  • Is physically attractive
  • Is linebred for fertility, with high percentage breed-back
  • Is linebred for longevity
  • Is able to flesh easily, especially post-weaning
  • Is bred to produce adequate milk and is able to wean 60-70% of her body weight
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