A few more points behind our philosophy:

  • We as breeders are where corn producers were in 1970. Yet we have the genetic tools to vastly improve beef production efficiency and profits.
  • Using the 100% maternally efficient cow (our Cowmaker) is equivalent to using the best tools in the shop – or, in other words, the tools the pros use.
  • Growth COSTS. Period. It is not free.
  • Our program allows one to leverage maximum returns from his or her leastcost. 100% maternal (Cowmaker) cow.
  • Our program, when implemented fully and properly, will provide returns 20% greater than average.
  • Growth attributes in the mother cow not only cost, but contradict both efficiency and fertility.
  • Balanced Trait = Jack of All Trades, Master of None.
  • The genetic requirements of a highly efficient mother cow are vastly different from those of a steer in the feedlot.
  • The difference between balanced trait and specific trait is a 25% increase in your paycheck. Bottom line: Balanced trait is lower pay.
  • Our program allows a cowman to capitalize on profits by simply rearranging his genetic approach, not by borrowing or spending money.

A Breeding Program of Significance

Having witnessed the last 40 years of progress made by breed associations and purebred producers toward increased growth, management, and measurement of cattle; and feeling first-hand every cowman’s pressure to reduce costs and maintain a least-cost cowherd, we at Thistledew have concluded:  The paradox between maximum growth and least-cost cannot be solved by combining the two objectives in one cow.  The are a contradiction to each other…yet we know how valuable both ideals are.

We have built the Thistledew Breeding Program on the following foundation:

  • We keep maximum growth cattle (Power Bulls) and least-cost cattle (Cowmaker Bulls) separate, then combine them only when necessary to exploit each animal’s genetic value … for maximum returns far beyond those achieved through a balanced-trait breeding program.
  • Our Power Bulls are made for growth, carcass and feed conversion only. When the Power Bull is crossed with the Cowmaker’s efficient, least-cost qualities, the resulting calf goes to the feedlot with the advantage of heterosis growth – not to mention far better grass conversion capability than the balanced-trait calf will have,
  • The use of a Cowmaker allows the cow/calf producer the ultimate, most efficient, least cost, least maintenance tool to exploit profit from his use of our PowerBulls.
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The CowMaker Female requirements are dramatically different than feedlot requirements