Montana Grasslands Heifer Project

For Ranchers Looking to Buy Replacements

Maybe you’re a seasoned cowman with not enough time and not enough fences to keep your Cowmaker cattle separate from your Powerbull cattle. Maybe you want to focus on your skill of converting grass to profit and just purchase your replacements.

If you’re a seasoned cowman, you likely already know the advantages of being involved with the Montana Grasslands Heifer Project.

  • If you buy your replacement Cowmaker heifers from us, you don’t have to worry about having two separate breeding programs on your place. You don’t have to worry about putting the right bulls with the right cows and then keeping track of which calves are which. You can simply focus on putting the Powerbulls in with the Cowmaker cows… then sit back and enjoy the heterosis growth of the calves and the premiums on sale day.
  • Why buy Cowmaker heifers? Because they’re bred to be calf-raising, grass-eating cows. They’re not bred to do anything else but be 100% maternally efficient. Additionally, we can guarantee these heifers have been managed right from the time they hit the ground. If you’re looking for the cow who is best at her job, who can save you a lot of work and money, the Cowmaker is for you.





“Our intent is to become the #1 source of highly uniform 100% maternally bred commercial females”