Montana Grasslands Heifer Project

How Landowners/Investors Are Involved

Maybe you’re a landowner who wants to take part in the cattle business but can’t be involved on a daily basis. Maybe you’ve got a piece of this heaven called Montana and are looking for the right way to care for the land. You’ve got grass, and we’d like to partner with you and show you how it can be used wisely – conserving the land while turning a profit out of it, and building your own ranching legacy.

If you’re a landowner or investor looking to be involved, the Montana Grasslands Heifer Project is designed as a holistic, profitable approach to ranch ownership and management for you.Through this project you can enjoy the cowboy way of life, improve grassland management on your property, and earn a return on your investment without having to commit to ranching full time. Advantages of this heifer project for you include…

  1. We help you through the entire process. We develop a simple 1-year business plan with you, providing cost parameters to lessen over-investment risks, and breaking down the plan to match the extent to which you want to be involved.
  2. This is a great way for you to own cattle… with no need for a full-time employee, and no need to purchase hay equipment or infrastructureIf needed, we can connect you with cowboys to gather and assist with all vet work and cattle processing.
  3. Besides wealth building potential, the Montana Grasslands Heifer Project can make accessible significant tax advantages, and is designed to aid landowners in building legacy ranch value.
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