Montana Grasslands Heifer Project – Advantage

Whether you are a Montana landowner or a seasoned cowman, our simple business plan allows you to earn premiums far beyond conventional cattle prices.  Here’s how our Montana Grasslands Program works:

  1. Simple 1-year plan
  2. No need for full-time employees
  3. Our support through the entire process
  4. Help with all vet work and processing
  5. No need for hay equipment or hay infrastructure costs
  6. A business plan with cost parameters to lessen over investment risks
  7. Can be catered to a landowner/investor’s desire to be involved
  8. Provides the potential for significant tax and wealth-building advantages
  9. Helps land owners in building legacy ranch value
  10. Montana Grasslands is designed as a holistic, profitable approach to ranch ownership and management while enjoying the cowboy way of life and improved grassland management


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“Our Montana Grasslands heifer project lets the producer hone his skill of converting grass to profit.  It also helps provide a strong female market for commercial producers who purchase our Cowmaker bulls.”