Montana Grasslands Heifer Project

The Montana Grasslands Heifer Project was developed for 3 primary reasons:

1.            To provide a source for those who want to purchase (not raise) commercial Cowmakers

2.            To provide a market for those bull buyers who wish to purchase our Cowmaker bulls to sell weaned replacements and/or to retain and sell bred heifers for a premium over commercial

3.            To provide a means for land owners to participate in the cattle business without significant participation. Allowing them to manage their land in a holistic manner and enrich their property value, tax savings and return on investment.

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“We at Thistledew feel a responsibility for connecting the folks producing our Cowmaker heifer calves to the folks looking to buy Cowmaker replacement heifers. From weaning to calving that same heifer has a lot of growing to do, and Thistledew manages her adolescence with the help of landowners/investors.”